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The Power of One Hour

Have you considered outsourcing or delegating work to a Virtual Assistant? I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the hosts David Sparks & Katie Floyd. In this interview, we talk about the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant and some tips to use when hiring.

Think about the small (but important) administrative tasks you have to manage weekly.

Now, think about how much 1 hour of your time is worth…$40 per hour, $75 per hour, $200 per hour?

Now, think about you sitting and entering business cards into your contacts, creating newsletters, or scheduling appointments at your hourly rate. Yep, more than likely, you should be managing your time differently.

Delegating administrative tasks to a trusted Virtual Assistant will save you time and money because you are paying for 100% productive work!

What tasks do you need to delegate?

As always, I would love to hear from you

Click HERE or the below icon to listen-The interview begins at section 3:10 on the timer

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  1. Wow! This interview was stellar! I learned so much about what to do to prepare for hiring a virtual assistant (VA). In regards to the question of the importance of a VA’s characteristics, I wonder if it’s more important to have an assistant who compliments my weaknesses, or one who is a fit personality-wise?

    I agree with the interviewing gentleman — you are a trailblazer. Thanks for sharing your insight!

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