Interested in Hiring a Virtual Assistant but Not Sure How to Start?

Below are 5 Tasks that Serve as Great “Gateway Projects” for a Virtual Assistant.

1- Calendar Management – Allow us to schedule and confirm appointments on your behalf. Did you know it’s critical to set time aside daily to work on your business instead of in it? We will keep you accountable.
2- Database/CRM Management – You know all of those business cards in a shoebox or bottom drawer of your office? It’s time to get organized and begin nurturing potential leads
3- Monthly Newsletters – This is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients/community. We can systemize this into a well oiled machine!

4- Registration for events and meetings
5- Sending Thank You cards – We provide a personal touch with handwritten thank you notes on your behalf. This will definitely make you stand out above the competition!

I’m sure you have a weekly pain point in at least one of the above areas. It’s time to delegate at least one item!

Once you experience knowing that your work will be executed by a professional, delegating will become easier and easier.

If you need more information, listen to my Mac Power Users podcast interview – CLICK HERE

We offer personalized Virtual Assistant Services to busy professionals and business owners.

Contact us with any questions on Virtual Assistance.


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