How Do You Keep Track of Important Notes, Ideas, and Action Items?

May I suggest the tool I use?
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Evernote is a great cloud based (accessible from all of your devices) tool that will get you organized.

No more post it notes, placed in one area (or too many areas) to help you remember. Save a tree and use virtual post it notes!

It allows you to quickly capture and organize items that you want to review at a later date. Whether it’s for work, family, or hobbies – Evernote allows you to create a note for it. You can even take a picture associated with a note and attach it.

I like to use the web clipping feature. This allows you to “clip” something of interest directly from the internet and save it to one of your notebook folders for future review.

The search tool is a great way to quickly find what you need – in the case you get so organized you can’t remember where you placed a certain note

Even if you took a picture of a handwritten note, it will be included in the search results! Very helpful.

Cost: The Basic plan is free – The Plus plan is $35/year – The Premium plan is $70/year – click HERE for the details of each plan.

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Evernote allows you to share projects with colleagues, students, friends, and family.

The collaboration feature is extremely user friendly. Below, is an example of how I use Evernote for home life

Instruction manuals for household appliances and tools – you know the ones you can never find when you actually need it? And of course the manual for your specific model number is not available online. Use Evernote to scan them all in and share with the members of your household – love it!

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