Virtual Effectiveness Blog #1- Manage Your Email with a Personal Touch

How much time do you spend answering emails every day? Do you have a system in place to manage it?

Typical answers to these questions are: “Too much!” and “No”

One of my solutions to this common problem is SCREENCASITFY

It allows you to audio record and share your screen

For example – Let’s say someone asks you a question and you know the answer may get lost in interpretation through email, it’s a good opportunity to educate-empower-then release, or you don’t have time for a long phone call. Most people are visual (65% of the population) and this is a great solution.

Here is the neat part: The recipient will think they are extra special (and in some cases maybe they are :)) to get this type of response from you. However, it will be our little secret that you just need to get the answer/message across in the most effective way that will ensure less back and forth via email.

Btw – If it’s a question you find yourself answering all the time, you can easily store the recording on YouTube or Google Drive for future viewing

Here is how to set it up

1. Using Google Chrome go to
2. Click on Pricing and then click “get it” for the FREE option
3. It will ask for your permission to install and use your mic and camera
4. It will then ask where you want to store your recordings…Google Drive or on the Device you use to record- I suggest Google Drive
5. After successful installation you will see this icon on the right side of your browser
Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.12.40 PM
6. Click on the above button and the below window will appear. Try it out with a test   recording and you are set to go!

This is a powerful professional tool but if you ever need to show your grandma how to use Facebook without tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash…it will do the job for that too! (I’ll save you a Google search. Click here for the story)

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be in touch on the 28th!

Btw – remember to email me your pain point (that one task you put off doing until the last minute).


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