Time Management Tip of The Week: 8 Steps to Taking Control of Your Work Week

Start your morning doing something for yourself!

Prayer, exercise, writing, making smart goals…whatever floats your boat. Block this time off in your calendar and never miss this appointment with yourself.

Next, head into the office and follow the below steps for a successful start to your day.

1) Turn your phone on silent (and place it face down on your desk so you don’t see those convenient notifications flash across the screen)
2) If you have your email up on your PC or laptop….minimize it.
3) Turn on some soft background music, white noise OR keep it quiet
4) Have a refreshing glass of water within reach
5) If you have a window and the sun is out, allow it to join you
6) Now, you know that really important project that you need to execute for your boss or a client? The one you may or may not have been procrastinating on? Take the next 2.5 hours and give it your absolute best.
7) Take a break (stand up, stretch, sip some H2O and get back to it)
8) Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the work is complete then address the small stuff

The momentum should keep you ahead of the day/week…instead of chasing behind it. Try it and let me know how it goes.


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