The Pomodoro Technique

Have You Tried It?

Most busy professionals are eager to try a system that will save time.

The point of the Pomodoro Technique is to work in short focused intervals and then take a break, resulting in maximum mental production.

How It Works…

The original technique suggests for every project that needs to be executed within the day, assign a “pomodoro” which is the equivalent to a 25-minute work interval. Then take a 5-minute break.

Interested in Hiring a Virtual Assistant but Not Sure How to Start?

Below are 5 Tasks that Serve as Great “Gateway Projects” for a Virtual Assistant.

1- Calendar Management – Allow us to schedule and confirm appointments on your behalf. Did you know it’s critical to set time aside daily to work on your business instead of in it? We will keep you accountable.
2- Database/CRM Management – You know all of those business cards in a shoebox or bottom drawer of your office? It’s time to get organized and begin nurturing potential leads
3- Monthly Newsletters – This is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients/community. We can systemize this into a well oiled machine!

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The Power of One Hour

Have you considered outsourcing or delegating work to a Virtual Assistant? I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the hosts David Sparks & Katie Floyd. In this interview, we talk about the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant and some tips to use when hiring.

Think about the small (but important) administrative tasks you have to manage weekly.

Now, think about how much 1 hour of your time is worth…$40 per hour, $75 per hour, $200 per hour?

Scheduling Problems?

Take Control, Set Your Calendar Availability & Let Everyone Else Do the Work

A common time waster is going back and forth via email or phone trying to schedule an appointment. I cringe when I offer someone options and they reply with an answer like “I’m sorry those dates don’t work” and in my head I’m yelling “then reply with some dates that do!!”

I digress…

My solution for you to be virtually effective is Calendly
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