Working on a Team Project? Using ASANA can help keep everyone on track!

I recently saw the below image on social media and thought about how spot on it represents many group projects 🙁


If you have an important team project in the works, I challenge you to use ASANA to keep it on track. Here is how it works…

~Sign up for a FREE account on

~List tasks and then assign the team members who will be responsible for execution. Now, everyone knows what they are doing and how their work will fit into the common goal.

~The dashboard allows you to assign each task a team member, due date, notes, and attachments!

~You can also have conversations about the specific project. This is more efficient than emailing because you end up searching through your email trying to find where who said what, when, and about who! (try saying that three times in a row)

The system is extremely intuitive and will allow your team to come together and get excited (hopefully) about the progress being tracked to completion.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

As always, feel free to share your work pain points with me. I am always happy to share solutions.


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